Digital Marketing Strategist – Career Opportunity

Engagement is the key to effective digital marketing. It’s not enough to just build followers, friends and “likes.” Getting people to interact with your clients, recommend their products, and become brand advocates is the real mission. Driving traffic to a website is only useful if it converts. At DragonSearch, it’s our priority.

DragonSearch is a rapidly growing conversion focused digital marketing firm with clients throughout the US. We are looking for a Digital Marketing Strategist, someone passionate about how the web is connecting people, companies, products and brands like never before. Is that you? Prove it. Let us know that you can take your love for digital marketing and put it to work along with your past career experience. We are interested in senior-qualified backgrounds ranging from Google Analytics to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and advanced social media marketing to search engine optimization (SEO).

A Little Bit About You

We might find that

As a social strategist…

  • You have managed social media campaigns for several companies across multiple platforms.
  • You take the lead on projects with an agile attitude to work assignments.
  • Your blog and social media activities trigger engagement.
  • Looking at the clock the other night, you realized you just spent 2 hours setting up rich pins.


As a SEO strategist…

  • SEO fascinates you and you dive into analytics to find trends to capitalize on.
  • Your right brain pulls abstract pieces of report data into a realistic, goal-hitting SEO strategy.
  • You are building genuine relationships with bloggers and peers.
  • You have a code-level understanding of the latest SEO practices including schema.


As a PPC strategist…

  • You aren’t interested in a job. You want a career.
  • You have 3+ months of Google AdWords experience.
  • You have experience analyzing Google Analytics data.
  • You have an analytical mindset.
  • You have a knack for writing short, succinct powerful messages used to capture an online user’s attention.
  • Your left brain demands data and process-supporting research.


No matter what your specialty…

  • You can discuss very technical topics using mainstream language.
  • You can discuss very technical topics using mainstream language.
  • You continually demand new skills to maintain your social, SEO and advertising excellence.

This is not a posting for an entry-level position. It requires effective skills in SMM, SEO or PPC that goes far beyond a basic understanding of online marketing. You must always be learning, testing, and achieving results on a professional level.

About DragonSearch

DragonSearch has a strong reputation as a strategy-focused digital marketing agency. We work with companies in a variety of industries to help them build and manage their online presence, through social media, Search Engine Optimization, and targeted digital advertising campaigns that increase conversions. We help large and small-sized businesses start, maintain and improve their efforts in digital marketing.

The DragonSearch approach to digital marketing is built on an integrated approach designed to create value that helps client organizations thrive in the digital revolution.

Our philosophy, goals, process and actions all stem from one motto: Make the Internet Better. We’re an organization focused on self-learning, which strives to put the most current, relevant industry knowledge into action every day of the year. DragonSearch is a pioneer in providing social media marketing combined with search marketing, in a framework that is repeatable, improvable, and measurable.

DragonSearch offers:

  • Fun working environment where your career goals become our shared goals.
  • Fun and strong learning culture with a dynamic team providing hands on training and guidance for self learning.
  • DragonSearch brings in industry speakers periodically for training and inspiration.


How to Apply

Send us your letter of interest, and don’t forget to include at least 3 links to samples of your work and writing, along with your salary requirements. We are looking for senior-level candidates only, with more than 2 years of experience.


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